PHANTOM Cultivar GT24, 2x4 Grow Tent, 48” X 24” X 70”

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PHANTOM Cultivar GT24, 2X4 Grow Tent, 48” X 24” X 70”

PHANTOM Cultivar GT is a durable and portable grow tent designed to grow plants anywhere indoors year-round. Easily create an ideal indoor environment for cultivating plants at home with PHANTOM Cultivar Grow Tents. At the core of the grow tent is a reinforced, extra-durable, and completely steel interlocking frame that supports up to 200 lbs. Featuring diamond reflective mylar lining for maximum light reflection, easy-view plant window, all-steel corners, non-light penetrating 1680D Oxford Canvas, light-tight double cinching duct ports, woven tool pouch, and maximum strength SBS zippers with light-blocking inner canvas layer to prevent light leaks where zippers meet. Simply put, the Cultivar GT is a true workhorse, is built to last, and won't break the bank!


  • All-Steel Design & Framework 
  • 200 lbs. Weight Capacity 
  • 1680D Light-proof Oxford Fabric 
  • High Reflectivity Diamond Mylar
  • Genuine SBS Zippers

PHANTOM Cultivar GT boasts an all-steel design with stronger 22 mm diameter poles compared to standard grow tents that use weaker 18 mm poles. The all-steel corner design adds to tents structural integrity. Each tent can hold up to 200 lbs. of grow equipment. The high gloss diamond mylar layer adds uniform reflectivity and creates more light reflection points than traditional white walls. 

Light can be an escape artist, that is why we designed Cultivar GT like a real darkroom. 1680D Oxford fabric is known for strength, durability, and resistance to both wear and tear. Even the military uses 1680D when designing heavy-duty tactical gear. Between the Oxford fabric and interior mylar coating lays a 3rd layer of material improving its light blocking abiltiy. We didn’t stop there; our tent fabric goes through a post-treatment process that adds even more to its strength and abrasion resistance.

Grow at home, wherever you want, when you want. That is the benefit of this easy-to-construct portable grow tent. Nothing permanent here. Whether it is in the garage, basement, spare bedroom or office, this tent can handle relocation. Find the best place for your new grow tent and let the home cultivation begin! 

Available in the following sizes: 

  • CULTIVAR GT24, 2X4 Grow Tent, 48” X 24” X 70”
  • CULTIVAR GT44, 4X4 Grow Tent, 48” X 48” X 80”
  • CULTIVAR GT55, 5X5 Grow Tent, 60” X 60” X 80”
  • CULTIVAR GT84, 8X4 Grow Tent, 96” X 48” X 80”



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Barcode 638104029513
Shipping Weight 27.6 lbs.

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