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Light Layout Request Forms

Maximize efficiency with lighting in your facility

We can help you achieve optimum light levels for your crop by creating a custom light layout using the exact specifications of your growing area.

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Light Layout Request Forms

Hydroponic Resources

Intro to Hydroponics

Intro to Hydroponics

For basic steps of choosing the right hydroponics system to grow light basics and more, this handy guide will help you get started.

Hydroponics Glossary

Hydroponics Glossary

In the world of hydroponics, there is a lot of terminology that can be overwhelming. Here’s our must-know vocabulary for growers of all kinds.

Hydroponics Articles

Hydroponics Articles

A collection of great hydroponics articles and information, pulled together in one, helpful place.

General Gardening and Growing Resources

Grow Light Glossary

Grow Light Glossary

This A-Z grow light guide is a collection of common terms that you may have come across in the world of plant lighting.

Growing & Gardening Articles

Indoor Gardening Links

We’ve pulled together a compilation of the best growing advice, articles and tips for your reference.


UL, CSA, ETL and CE: What do they stand for?

Ever wonder what these symbols actually mean?

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CO2 Flow Rate Calculator
Use this handy tool to calculate the optimal CO2 flow rate for your grow environment.
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