Our Company


Hydrofarm Canada is a true wholesale distributor to the Horticultural industry across Canada. Our focus is to service the retail community with the widest selection of products and brands. This will enable Canadian retailers to service their customers and communities with the variety of goods they demand.


We are a leading wholesale supplier of quality horticultural products to the Canadian market. With a large number of products ranging from organic based fertilizers, garden accessories, decorative planters, horticultural lighting and control products. We go beyond serving our clients' basic needs by providing complete and comprehensive goods and services. Our success is built on consistently maintaining a high level of customer service through focused supply chain management. Whether it’s swiftly processing orders and returns, overnight delivery or technical support, you’ll find our team of service providers are available and devoted to meeting and exceeding your expectations.


Hydrofarm Canada helps growers across Canada make growing easier and more productive.  Our mission is to empower growers, farmers and cultivators with products that enable greater quality, efficiency, consistency and speed in their grow projects.  We are a leading manufacturer and distributor in both the hydroponic and horticulture segments in Canada and a story of growth.  Hydrofarm Canada owns Greenstar Plant Products (Grotek & Gaia Green), SunBlaster Lighting, and Aurora Peat Products along with representing some of the top brands in the hydroponic and horticulture industry.

Warehouse Operations

Hydrofarm Canada operates out of 2 warehouses: 152,000 square foot facility in Surrey, B.C. and 53,000 square foot facility in Cambridge, ON. In B.C. we have 18 dock doors for shipping and receiving and in Ontario we have 12 doors. Our Cambridge warehouse is a 38' clear ceiling height operating very narrow aisle warehouse technology which allows us to maximize storage and efficiency.

Customer Service

The Hydrofarm Canada customer service team is available to answer your questions about any of the products we offer, order processing, shipping, and more. Our aim is to provide you with the best buying experience in the industry.

Superior customer service is the lifeblood of our company. Our ability to do our job efficiently and thoroughly directly impacts your ability to do yours. We take that responsibility very seriously. It is our goal to provide you with quick and easy access to the innovative products the marketplace demands. We know that independent retailers require more than just excellent product accessibility. To be the most helpful, we need to offer a program that also includes an in-depth product knowledge, market intelligence, accurate just-in-time delivery and impeccable customer service.

Today Hydrofarm Canada’s business model includes all of these elements and more — fed by a clear understanding that if we exceed your expectations, it will help you to exceed your customers’ expectations. It comes down to our people. Every team member is challenged to identify and follow through on customer-service initiatives that make a difference for our retailers and vendors.

Contact Information

For more information, to open an account, or to place an order, please contact a customer service representative.