Hortilux Blue (Daylight) Super Metal Halide (MH) Lamp, 1000W

SKU: HTX-57945
GTIN: 639125579452

Product Details

Designed to provide a fully-balanced light spectrum that replicates natural sunlight. The exclusive Iwasaki/EYE chemistry provides levels of red, blue, and green spectral energy optimizing plant growth and yield. Hortilux-Blue lamps are used professionally in plant physiological research and biotechnology/pharmacology industries.


Barcode 639125579452
Base Type Mogul (E39)
Bulb Orientation Horizontal
Color Temp 5500K
HID Type Metal Halide
Rated Initial Lumens 80000
Rated Wattage 1000
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions 17.8L x 12.9W x 16.9H (CS)
16.3L x 5.0W x 5.1H (EA)
40.0L x 48.0W x 32.0H (PL)