AXEON HYDRO RO 750 Hyperfiltration Smart Water System

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The future of RO water filtration has arrived.

AXEON HYDRO RO 750 Hyperfiltration Systems use advanced reverse osmosis membrane technology for removing +96% contaminants from feed water sources. The systems are designed and engineered for maximum flow and efficiency rates, meaning less water down the drain and more purified water for use.

Simply put, AXEON® HYDRO RO Systems are the most efficient systems in the industry. They produce less wastewater than competing models and are equipped with all the bells & whistles a grower needs, all at an affordable price.

The RO system design features a smart controller with integrated functions and monitoring, while offering hassle-free installation and maintenance.

  • Smart Controller
  • TDS Monitor - inbound & outbound water readings
  • Filter & Membrane Replacement Notification 
  • Automatic Flush Cycle Extends Membrane Life
  • Easily Removable EZ-Twist Cartridges
  • High Flow HyperFiltration Membranes
  • Leak Detector with Auto Shut Off
  • Float Valve Automatically Shuts Off System
RO-750 Performance:
  • (Per Minute) .52 gallons pure water 
  • (Per Hour) 31.25 gallons pure water 
  • (Per Day) 750 gallons pure water
RO-750 Efficiency Rate:
  • 2.5-Gallons pure water output vs 1-Gallon wastewater
  • 71% efficiency rate (pure water output percentage)
Additional Benefits:
  • Industry first smart control
  • Higher efficiency compared to competing RO systems
  • Lower wastewater output compared to competing RO system
  • EZ Twist filter cartridges allow changing filters in seconds
  • Reduces heavy metals & harmful chemicals like PFAS, Fluoride, chlorine, chloramines…

Filter Cartridges & HyperFilter Membranes

EZ-Twist Cartridges, 3-Pack (Hydrofarm SKU AH3030)*

  • Stage 1: EZ-Twist Sediment Filter 
  • Stage 2: EZ-Twist Carbon Block 
  • Stage 3: EZ-Twist Carbon Block 

*Not sold individually, sold in 3-Pack kit

HyperFilter Membranes, 2-Pack (Hydrofarm SKU AH2020)* 

  • Stage 4: HyperFilter Membrane x2 

*Not sold individually, sold in 2-Pack kit

Filter & Membrane Replacement Schedule

  • EZ Twist Cartridges:  Every 3-6 months / Minimum of 6,500 gallons of purified water produced
  •  HyperFilter Membranes:  Every 6-12 months

*Smart control reminder function alerts when to change Membranes & EZ-Twist Cartridges

Voltage & Amperage Draw

  • 115V, 60Hz, 1PH, 1.0A

Minimum Water Pressure

  • Minimum 40 psi inlet pressure

*Optional RO-750 Upgrade 
If you require more than 750 gallons of pure water per day, consider the optional RO-1250 Booster Pump Kit. The booster kit upgrades the RO-750 into the AXEON RO-1250 System which will produce 1,250 gallons of purified water per day / .87 gallons per minute.

RO-750 Performance with RO-1250 Booster Kit (Hydrofarm SKU AH1010)

  • (Per Minute) .87 gallons pure water 
  • (Per Hour) – 52.1 gallons pure water 
  • (Per Day) – 1,250 gallons pure water
  • 72.5% efficieny rate (pure water output percentage)
  • 2.6-Gallons pure water output vs 1-Gallon wastewater

System Capabilities & Performance
Low temperatures and feedwater quality, such as high TDS levels, will significantly affect the systems production capabilities and performance. Use on microbiologically safe water only and follow all state and federal plumbing and electrical codes. 

Warranty Evaluation Test Conditions: Permeate flow rates and salt rejection based on the following test conditions – 550 ppm, filtered and dechlorinated municipal tap water, 77 °F / 25 °C, 15% recovery, 7.0 pH and the specified operating pressure for membrane element type. Data taken after 60 minutes of operation.


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