Anden Replacement Steam Canister with O-Ring

GTIN: 686720400803
Brand: ANDEN

Product Details

The steam canister AS80 is the beating heart of your Anden humidifier, responsible for generating steam. Current runs between two electrodes within the canister, heating your water to a boil and creating steam that is distributed through the humidifiers fan pack. Made in Madison, Wisconsin, the AS80 Steam Canister is uniquely designed to fit the Anden model AS35FP Steam humidifier. Remember to replace it at the start of each heating season for optimal humidifier performance.

  • Genuine Anden humidifier replacement part
  • Made in Madison, WI, USA
  • Generates steam for your humidifier
  • Do not use RO water with Anden humidifiers


Barcode 686720400803
Unboxed1_Weight 1.5600000000000000
Unboxed2_Width 13.0000000000000000
Unboxed3_Length 19.7500000000000000
Unboxed4_Height 14.0000000000000000
Warranty 5 Years
Dimensions 19.8L x 13.0W x 14.0H (EA)
13.0L x 20.0W x 14.0H (CS)